Thursday, January 25, 2007

Take the Pledge

Unless you like bowing toward Mecca - it might be a good thing to think about the consequences of losing the war.

No one is trying to limit free speech or thought. But the meaningless Senate resolution of non-support has serious consequences. If I elect Senators and send Representatives to Congress - they are there to represent me and my state - not ignore me and vote only their conscience. If they do - I can do as so many other people did last November and vote for an indistinguishably different person on the other side of the aisle.

The point is that until there is another opportunity to vote them out of office - I can certainly withdraw any financial support they may have counted on. That is exercising my last available free speech rights.

If the U.S. efforts in Iraq fail, you will have the enemies of freedom controlling billions of dollars worth of oil and able to finance any attacks they may choose to plot and carry out. They will be virtually unstoppable.

The will of the democrat party isn't strong enough to stand up to them (and they have said so) and the will of old, well entrenched republicans who think they are there for life in the Senate and Congress, who also don't have the political backbone to stand up to radical left wing pressure, certainly won't stand up to the enemy.

The United States are at war - it's not "Bush's war" it’s the war a very serious enemy has forced upon us. We are under attack!

Chavez is training Muslim extremists how to speak Spanish and sending them north to infiltrate the Mexican border. A large percent of illegals are "OTM" or "other than Mexican"

The sworn statements of radical Islamists are to destroy Israel and then the west.

If Iran gets nukes...

if Hezbollah overthrows Lebanon...

if Shiite Iraqis join Iranian Shiites...

if Iraqi Sunnis join al-queada...

and subsequently they all control the vast oil reserves and shipping lanes of the mid-east...

if the puppet monarchies in the Arab world fall under extremist pressure as in Saudi...

if nuclear Pakistan falls into extremist hands...

if all that happens - and it is precariously close to doing so - we have Armageddon and the tribulation right here on our doorstep.

Don't think that will happen? - remember their own words that say "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". They will join together long enough to defeat their outside enemy before they go back to killing each other.

We may not be able to stop the inevitable - but we can withdraw our financial support from those who don't "get it"! We are to restrain evil as long as we can.

Read the post from Hugh Hewitt and then if you agree with the sentiment - click on the link to take the pledge. I have - and am proud to say so.

This is the war we are in - cutting and running only gets us shot in the back!


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