Monday, June 12, 2006

iHate Ann Coulter

Not because she has gained fame and fortune on TV, talk radio shows and with her books - this isn’t a jealousy thing - its that she uses these platforms to promote ideas which offend so many who endure her constant rants. This skinny blond with the know-it-all grin and piercing eyes, uses her acerbic wit and sharp tongue to mercilessly destroy every idea that opposes her.

She has no patience for poorly thought out opinions and runs roughshod over them whenever they present themselves. Every time a progressive thinker faces her, she destroys them with her reasons for why their position is asinine. Compromise isn’t in her vocabulary. She talks constantly as if she has researched every angle and knows the end from the beginning on any topic a liberal may try to defend. That's irritating!

Ann Coulter stands for what she believes as if there is no possibility she could be wrong or you could be remotely right. That’s intolerance at best. Our culture has long known there isn’t any position, thought or ideology that can be allowed as some sort of absolute. The very idea of it is offensive. Ann Coulter has no such restraints. She is offensive. What right does she have to offend me - or you for that matter? Isn’t what she spouts just her opinion? What makes her think her opinion is any better than mine… or yours?

Does she expect us to think her superior intellect she so fondly wields like a sword is actually superior to ours? By what measure? Isn’t it just her opinion? So why then should I listen? Have you noticed how quick she is to refute someone with whom she is debating? She cuts right through their comments with a quick - and she would say - to the point rebuttal of whatever they are trying to say. As if to say, ‘there isn’t any room for movement here, you either agree with me or you’re wrong’. And she finishes that off with a laugh to say, “well, there you go again” quoting her hero Ronald Reagan.

She doesn’t even consider the other side has footing or could be even remotely right on a given subject. She plows ahead usually punching holes right through their arguments. This is an infuriating thing to have happen to you. She could care less for how you “feel” about your topic or agenda. Feelings don’t enter into her cold hard reasoning process. Feelings should be set aside for what is - not what we want them to be… or so says Ann Coulter and people of her ilk.

Yes, iHate Ann Coulter. She is everything I despise when I don’t like what I hear. I don’t want to change. I don’t want to adopt her point of view. That would mean swallowing my proud tradition of upholding the more sensitive progressive relativism we so dearly feel is the best way to compromise our way through life. How could anyone, Ann Coulter included, be so insensitive as to think her absolutist ideas would give anyone a platform or foundation by which they could stand for something?

Ann Coulter is tough! That’s why iHate her.

For the record, I know with absolute assurety that I have a hard time facing reality and I despise the truth for all of the same reasons iHate Ann Coulter.


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