Sunday, June 19, 2005

24 Hours

24 Hours

It has been said that a lie, left unanswered, becomes true in 24 hours. A story whispered to a friend in private grows legs and learns to run before the truth has learned to crawl. Stories may have elements of truth - they may even be completely true when first uttered. But, because we are such poor storytellers, we tend to forget, we tend to fabricate and sometimes we tend to cover ourselves to the point that by the time the story has gone full circle - it is anything but true. We’ve probably all sat in a classroom in grade school where the teacher illustrated this point by lining up about ten kids and whispering something in the first person’s ear with the instruction to tell the next person “exactly” what was just said. By the time, it gets to the tenth child and it is repeated out loud, it is anything but what the teacher first told the first student.

Some people have become so accustomed to passing on what they believe to be true, that they don’t even think of the damage they may do to someone else. This damage is further compounded when it involves an online forum or discussion group where the only relationship one has with their counterparts is through their computers. Accusations left unanswered are soon assumed to be true and since no one is online all of the time, the potential for even reading a response may be slim to none.

Other people believe that the insulation the impersonal medium of compu-conversation gives them, they are free to say and do whatever they please with little more than bravado and what little they actually know, or believe they know about something.

Such is the case recently when for the second time on the dental lab forum, another person referred to me as an anti-Semite. This person went on to accuse me of hating Mormons and generally being an all around lousy bum for having differing beliefs than this person who so eloquently stormed into my email box and cussed me up one side and down the other with suggestions of physical impossibilities. The first time this happened a new member of the forum wrote and just simply asked if I was the same guy that was kicked off the IDF for being an anti-Semite. This second person evidently noticed I didn’t respond to the first guy and so assumed the accusation must be true enough to repeat the slander. I would only offer this challenge - show me any of my writings that could or would show I am an anti-Semite! You won’t find a word of it! Prove your case or else be silent! (and also for the record, I was never kicked off anything - I left the IDF on my own and can return at any time I choose.)

I responded to the first person privately and it should have been more than adequate to clarify my position. The second guy however, may not get it, even though I also responded to him privately. But a lie left unanswered…

So for the record and to say it publicly, I am not an anti-Semite. I have never been an anti-Semite. Nor have I had a strange conversion from anti-Semitism to fundamentalism. I have nothing to do with anti-Semites except in the opportunity to reason with them for the purpose of changing their confused minds. I have no respect for these people’s beliefs and in fact have utter contempt for their way of believing. I have had these people in my home and at the point where they began to spew their nonsense and disgusting filthy diatribe against the Jewish people - I have physically thrown them out of my house and told them not to come back as they are not welcome.

I am a Christian. I take that title to have real meaning. I do not pour into that title what I wish it to mean, I take from the title what its implied and real meaning suggests - a follower of Jesus Christ the King of the Jews. You see - Christianity IS Jewish. It is the fruition of Judaism’s Messiah that was prophesied of long before the coming of Christ. My respect for and love for the Jewish people comes from a sound understanding of who these people are and how much they mean to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who sent His Son to teach us to love our enemies and bless those who persecute us. His Son who sent His followers FIRST to the Jews and then to the rest of the world to proclaim the good news of His salvation.

Those people who followed madmen like Hitler and Stalin, or who deny the reality of the holocaust or wish to claim the Jewish people are less than human, deserve nothing less than to be exposed for what they are - sick, low minded, disgusting individuals who cannot think for themselves and instead have succumbed to a form of group-think that will and should lead to their destruction.

I know that making any type of defense leaves open the possibility for misunderstanding and even once repeated enough may even give legs to a whole new version of the “truth”. It is virtually impossible to clear up the damage that a lie or untrue accusation makes upon an individual. This blog today does what little it may do to help in this regard and I would encourage anyone who wishes to discuss their concerns or questions to comment here.


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